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KQO Spring 2022 Meeting in Manhattan

There has been a change in the program for our spring meeting in Manhattan.  We wanted to let you know of the change before you sent in your registration form to help you choose your workshop.  We had a notice from Charlotte Angotti on Sunday that she had broken her ankle and would not be able to put any weight on it for at least six weeks.  We asked if she would like us to find someone else for this year and postpone her to next June (2023).   She thought that would help us both to know who would be here for our meeting.  She said she would wrap herself in bubble wrap next year!

So, we have found a replacement teacher.  We are excited that Karen Hill from Granny K Quilts is available to teach a Friday  workshop.  She specializes in miniatures and working with precision rulers.  You will find information about her workshop in the attachments to help you decide how you want to spend your Friday.  Along with Karen’s workshop we still have Tony’s workshop and the UFO room.

Sorry for the late change of plans but we appreciate everyone’s understanding, We can all continue to look forward to having Charlotte on the program next year.

If you’d like to take this class and need further directions for it, please send an email to

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