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Spring 2021 Update

Greetings to all Kansas Quilters.
Once again, because of COVID-19, we are on hold. No JUNE 2021 meeting. We are trying to keep everyone safe. Some have had one shot. Some have had no shot.
I have talked to the hotel in Manhattan and we are now down for 2022. (By the way, lunches will be in a box) I want us to have fun and be safe. Charlotte Angotti has agreed to come in 2022.
I would like to have a board meeting this summer. So far everything has been done by email.
I hope we can have our September 23-24-25 meeting in Salina.
I will keep you updated as soon as I can.
Keep quilting so we can have a large show and tell! May God bless you and stay safe.
Joy Schlochtermeier

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