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Show and Tell by Joy Schloctermeier and Melinda Axman

Diane Harris taught Two fer Tango pattern at Colby on September 27, 2019. I cut out two sets of squares. One for myself and one for my sister-in-law, Joy Schlochtermeier. We took the class together with different centers. I machine quilted mine, November 26, 2019. -Melinda Axman

Two-fer Tango

Melinda Axman and I took a KQO class out at Colby from Diane Harris. The pattern was Two fer Tango. I went on a shop hop trip to get my border. Then had Prairie Flower Shop at Alden quilt it for me. I got mine done April 2020. -Joy Schlochtermeier.

Two-fer Tango

This is my Christmas quilt. I found the pattern while visiting my daughter in Lawrence. “Christmas is Wrapped” made with my scraps. Made in 2019. Machine quilted in May 2020 by Melinda Axman.

Christmas is Wrapped

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