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Suggested Bylaw Amendments for Kansas Quilters Organization

Suggested Bylaw Amendments for Kansas Quilters Organization

Changes have been suggested based on the Bylaws adopted October 2012 and revisions were considered at the meeting of the Board held Saturday, January 26, 2019. Notice of
consideration of the amendments will be mailed to all members approximately 2 weeks prior to the Spring 2019 General Meeting to be held on June 1, 2019. For changes to be made there must be an affirmative vote by 2/3 of the members in attendance at that meeting.
A brief description of the proposed changes follows:
Article IV Board of Directors
Reduce the number of directors on the board from 21 to 15.
Change the number of board members to be nominated from 7 to sufficient names to fill the board with a total of 15 members.
Change the number of directors which constitute a quorum from 11 to 8.
Revoke the three-year waiting period between terms on the board, allowing for earlier re-election.

Article V Officers/Executive Committee
Revoke Section 1. A which requires a second nominating committee consisting of board
members to propose officer nominees.
Section 2 the reference to nominating committee should be deleted and as determined by the Board substituted.

Article VII Committees
Section 2 B 1 b should be eliminated.

Article IX Amendment of Bylaws
Change the delivery method from mail to delivery by mail, publication in the newsletter or email.

Prepared by Karen Scott and Rachel Moreland

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