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Anyone that has anything they want to share about KQO, past meetings, memories, people, teachers, etc., please comment on this thread. We love to hear all these stories and now we can share with each other!! Even if you just want to sign your name and the year you began with KQO, that’s great info and fun to do! Feel free to add where you attended your first meeting, when you started quilting, why you love KQO, why you love quilting. We’d love to hear from you!!


  1. Hi There KQO
    Been a long time since I belonged – back with Enola Gish. We had the first gathering here in Hutchinson -my budget as Vice President was $1.00. We made it all work sonehow. So glad to see you are coming back to Hutchinson soon. I hope to catch up with you in Colby and see what a wonderful organization you have . Best of everything-
    Nancy Maes-Simonetti
    Hutchinson, KS


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